What cities do you service?2018-10-24T19:19:45-05:00

We service all of the Greater Houston area. Houston, The Woodlands, Katy, Spring, Cypress, Conroe, Clear Lake, Friendswood, Manvel, Pasadena, Baytown, Humble, Kingwood, Aldine, Pearland, Jersey Village, Stafford, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Fresno, Bellaire, West University, River Oaks, Tomball, Galveston, League City, Brookshire, Waller, Missouri City, La Porte, Dayton, Liberty, Mont Belvieu, Seabrook, Webster, South Houston, College Station, Bryan, Brenham, Navasota, Hempsted, and any we will gladly take a look at any area in Texas we didn’t list. Just send an email to Matt@HoopPros.com or call us at 832-674-1002 and ask.

Why do you choose to be exclusive to VersaCourt?2018-10-10T04:50:28-05:00

This was an easy decision since VersaCourt has the most advanced sports surfacing and sports components available for sports play courts today.  VersaCourt’s warranty is the tops in the industry sports surfacing industry.  VersaCourt shows their warranty to the consumer on their page.  Other sport court companies keep their warranty information hidden.

Will you install other hoops if the customer buys them from the store?2018-10-10T04:54:11-05:00

Yes we will.  There will be an installation charge, but we will use the same techniques that we use when installing a MegaSlam Hoop.

What makes Mega Slam Hoops the best?2018-10-22T15:33:36-05:00

Mega Slam Hoops builds the highest-quality residential basketball systems in the world. They incorporate superior materials and advanced engineering techniques to deliver a product that will stand the test of time.

What is Directional Flex® Technology on the 180 Pro Rim?2018-10-22T15:24:33-05:00

Directional Flex® Technology allows our 180° Pro Rim to flex in any direction away from the backboard. This feature is safer for players who dunk and provides the breakaway action seen on professional rims.

What’s the difference between the Collegiate Flex™ Rim and the 180 Pro Rim™?2018-10-22T15:34:49-05:00

The difference is in the degree of break-away angles between each rim. The 180 Pro Rim™ flexes any direction in a full 180° from the backboard using Directional Flex® Technology. The Collegiate Flex™ Rim flexes only front to back using a Single Pivot™ movement.

Can I use both the Game Light™ and Net Protect™ together?2018-10-22T15:25:45-05:00

Yes. The Game Light™ and Net Protect™ are made to work together on the same free-standing system. Both accessories can fit any free-standing Mega Slam and FX™ system, or any other brand hoop with a main pole that measures 12″x8″, 8″x6″, 6″x6″, or 5″x5″. Just choose which system you have and we’ll make sure you get the right-fitting accessories.

What basketball systems does the Game Light™ work with?2018-10-22T15:35:53-05:00

The Game Light™ works with all free-standing Mega Slam and FX™ systems, or any other brand hoop with a main pole that measures 12″x8″, 8″x6″, 6″x6″, or 5″x5″.  Choose your system and get the right Game Light™ when you visit the product page.

What models does the Net Protect™ work with?2018-10-22T15:36:47-05:00

The Net Protect™ works with all free-standing Mega Slam and FX™ systems, or any other brand hoop with a main pole that measures 12″x8″, 8″x6″, 6″x6″, or 5″x5″. Choose your system and get the right Net Protect™ when you visit the product page.

How do I determine which system is best for me?2018-10-22T15:46:47-05:00

To determine the best system for all your needs depends on the size of your playing area and your budget. Since all our products are designed to last a lifetime, you might also consider an adjustable-height model like the MegaSlam or Pro Gym to grow with your friends and family over time.

As a general guide:

1 Car Driveway – MegaSlam 54/60

2-3 Car Driveway – MegaSlam 60/72

Full Court – MegaSlam 72/XL

What is the overhang measurement on a Mega Slam Hoop?2018-10-22T15:29:09-05:00

Overhang is the measured distance from the front of the main pole (or wall plate) to the front of the backboard. Depending on which model you select, Mega Slam Hoops offers an overhang distance ranging from 3-feet to 5-feet.  Regulation overhang is 4-feet. Many players prefer a 5-foot overhang to give some distance from the main pole to the base line.

What is the adjustable height range on the MegaSlam in-ground basketball systems?2018-10-22T15:29:27-05:00

Our Mega Slam adjustable basketball systems are made for all ages and skill levels. The height range can be adjusted anywhere from 5-feet to 10-feet and varies by model.

What does the lift assist do on a MegaSlam adjustable basketball system?2018-10-22T15:38:45-05:00

The Mega Slam lift assist helps to effortlessly raise and lower your adjustable Mega Slam Hoop. It’s a spring-loaded cartridge that helps neutralize the heavy weight of the backboard. This spring loaded cartridge comes pre-assembled.

How do I secure or prevent anyone from changing the height on my MegaSlam adjustable-height hoop?2018-10-22T15:30:10-05:00

You can remove the adjustment handle on all of our Mega Slam adjustable, in-ground basketball systems to prevent height adjustment. A clip holds the handle in place and can be easily removed. For maximum security, you can purchase our Actuator Security Cover® that prevents tampering with the actuator while the handle is removed.

What is the stop pin for on a MegaSlam adjustable height basketball system?2018-10-22T15:30:29-05:00

The stop pin prevents smaller children from lowering the rim to unsafe heights that could possibly collide with vehicles in the driveway.  When the stop pin is inserted, the system can only be lowered to a height of 7.5 feet. Take the stop pin out, and the system can be lowered to 5 feet for smaller children to play.

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